Waterbeach - Designation of Neighbourhood Area - June 2015

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Waterbeach - Designation of Neighbourhood Area - June 2015

Waterbeach - Designation of Neighbourhood Area

Representation ID: 165005

Received: 09/07/2015

Respondent: Historic England

Representation Summary:

Historic England has no objection to this designation. The Neighbourhood Area incorporates a number of designated heritage assets and it will be important that the strategy for this area safeguards those elements contributing to the importance of these historic assets. This will assist in ensuring they can be enjoyed by future generations and make sure it is in line with national planning policy. We would wish to comment on a draft of the plan in due course.The historic buildings conservation officer at SCDC is best placed to assist the Parish in the development of their Neighbourhood Plan and advising them to consider how the strategy might address the area's heritage assets.

Full text:

Thank you for consulting Historic England on the application to designate Waterbeach a Neighbourhood Area. Please find attached the advice from Historic England on this matter.

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