Waterbeach - Designation of Neighbourhood Area - June 2015

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Waterbeach - Designation of Neighbourhood Area - June 2015

Waterbeach - Designation of Neighbourhood Area

Representation ID: 165066

Received: 24/07/2015

Respondent: Urban & Civic

Agent: David Lock Associates

Representation Summary:

U&C support PC aspirations to prepare Neighbourhood Plan and wishes to work closely with local community. Will help shape master planning Waterbeach Barracks site.

Allocation SS/5 of Proposed Submission Local Plan should be excluded:
* Strategic / large scale predominantly brownfield site development opportunity, consistent with Government priorities.
* Emerging Local Plan context and Neighbourhood Plan should align with strategic needs and priorities.
* If included, requires significant resources and expertise.
* Alternative / more effective opportunity for community to engage in emerging proposals for strategic site - could sit alongside Neighbourhood Plan process.

SCDC should consider High Court and Court of Appeal finding in favour of Wycombe Borough Council's decision to exclude RAF Daw's Hill.

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